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Where To Sell Gold – Guide to Get the Most Out of Your Gold Jewelry and Bullion

Gold has always been and is continuing to be the most desired metal for investors or connoisseurs of luxury jewelry. It is not only because of the looks, but it also holds value well and grows over time. Another great advantage of gold is that it is very liquid and you shouldn’t have issues finding a place to sell your gold. With the price of gold reaching an all-time high, many people consider turning their gold to cash. *Spoiler Aler* We checked many places and discovered that GoldtoCash.us is the best place to sell your gold.

Is it a Good Time to Sell Gold?

2020 has been an excellent year for gold. Definitely can’t say that for other events, right?! At the beginning of the year, the gold was trading at around $1500 per ounce. It reached $2060 per ounce in August, making it the new all-time high! At the time of writing this post, gold is at $1960. Based on the gold price, it is a good time to sell gold if you need cash. If you were considering selling your gold jewelry or bullion, now is a good time to make a move.

The Best Place to Sell Your Gold and Bullion!

After researching, we discovered that Gold to Cash is the best place to sell your gold jewelry and precious metals bullion. The key factors in our decision were payouts, customer experience and turn-around time. They are the highest paying gold buyers offering up to 95% of market value for gold bullion and jewelry. That is the highest we’ve seen anybody pay for gold or other precious metals. The experience is very smooth and secure. All you need to do is complete a short form on their website and print out a prepaid shipping label. The shipping label comes from FedEx and is fully insured. Gather all your valuables and ship them via FedEx. It is completely free for the customer. They promise to make an offer the same day they receive a package. Once the consumer receives an offer and approves it, they will initiate a payment. They offer payments in four convenient options: Wire transfer, paper check, PayPal, Cashapp. One of the best and important things in the whole process is that it’s very speedy. You can get money in your account in 24 hours from the time you send your items. The best stuff to sell them is gold jewelry and precious metals bullion. That is when you will get the most money and you can be sure no one will pay you more. You have to understand one thing though, most likely, you won’t get too close to what you have paid for the jewelry piece you want to sell. When you buy jewelry in a retail store, you pay about 500-700% premium for the brand and the art piece. However, GoldtoCash.us will only pay for precious metal content. If you have a Tiffany & Co ring or necklace, you might want to sell it at a different place as there is not much gold, but the most money goes towards the brand and gemstones.  

Sell Your Gold Online

Turning your gold to cash is best done online. Many people don’t consider online gold buyers when thinking where to sell gold, but it’s very convenient and they pay more than local pawn shops or local gold buyers. As we already mentioned above, the process is swift and super convenient. You don’t even need to leave your house to sell your gold. That is a great option to have during the uncertainty of this year. Online gold buyers such as GoldtoCash.us offer the highest payouts because they don’t have storefront expenses, and they don’t need to low ball customers to make up for these expenses.   

Tips to Get the Most Cash For Gold

The best thing you can do to get the most cash for gold is do your homework. Gather all your items and make a list of what you want to sell. Check for stamps or markings on jewelry pieces or bullion. You should know the karat of your jewelry piece or the purity of the coin or bar you’re trying to sell. It would be best if you also find out the weight of your items. Having all that information, you can call the gold buyer and ask for an estimate. GoldtoCash.us mentions on their website that they provide accurate estimates and there is no secret about what they are willing to pay for your items.  

How Much is My Gold Worth?

Another natural question to ask is how much is my gold worth. If you have gold or silver bullion that would be easy. Most bullion items are stamped with exact purity and weight. It would look something like this: 1oz .9999 Fine Gold, 1oz Fine Gold, .999 Fine Gold etc. As you may already know, precious metals use troy ounce (toz, ozt), which is a little heavier than a regular ounce. Troy ounce is 31.1 grams compared to a regular ounce 28.3 grams. At today’s gold price ($1960), a gram would be worth $63. That is the cost of pure .999 gold. Gold is a very soft metal; therefore, pure gold jewelry would damage and break very easily. That is why most gold jewelry pieces are mixed with another metal to make them more durable. Here is the breakdown of gold karat and the percentage of gold content:

Gold content vs. Karat

One more thing to keep in mind is that the price we got above is 100% of market value. When you sell your gold, you won’t get 100% of the market value because gold buyers need to make something. If you use goldtocash.us, you can get up to 95% for gold bullion and jewelry, which is a very fair price. To compare with local pawn shops, who pay around 30-40%.

How To Tell If My Gold is Real?

Before sending out your valuables and making plans to spend the cash for the gold you just sold, make sure your gold is real. There are many easy and advanced ways to tell if your gold is real, and we are going to list a few you can perform at home without any special devices. 

  • The first test you should perform is a magnet test. Real gold, silver and platinum won’t stick to a magnet. If your metal starts to move towards a magnet, you can be sure it’s fake or contains very little gold or other precious metal. 
  • Another fast test you can do is weight and feel. It will be a little hard if you never dealt with it before, but real gold, silver and platinum are very dense and heavy. Its almost weird how a small object can weight that much. A person who worked with precious metals enough can tell if the gold is real just by holding it for several seconds.
  • The acid test would give you the most accurate results, but if you dont have special acid at home, you can use regular vinegar. You won’t define the purity of the metal, but it will tell you whether it’s real or fake. Drop a vinegar on the metal surface, or even better if you make a tiny notch and drop a vinegar there. If there is no chemical reaction, it’s a good sign. However, if it changes color or any chemical reaction occurs, it might mean it’s not gold or has very little gold content.

The Takeaway:   

With the gold price being in the record-high territory, it is a good time to sell your gold. If you decide on selling your jewelry or bullion, deal with the best gold buyer online and sell it to GoldtoCash.us. Their payouts are high and the process is fast and smooth. 

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