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Efficient Ways To Trade Crypto Currency 

A few years ago, if you talked about virtual currencies or blockchains, most people had no idea the discussion subject. Nowadays, people know more about crypto currencies, crypto currency trading platform, pricing, and the future. Crypto currencies are a convenient payment method. Any business or shopping center…


Benefits Of Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrencies have significantly influenced the traditional financial systems around the globe. This term has long been discussed and debated by many, and some found it be a handy business tool, and others didn’t. According to many experts, it is considered the most useful and accessible…


6 Amazing Benefits of Crypto Currency 

The terminology “cryptocurrency” has rapidly gained worldwide popularity in the past few years. You may be more acquainted with the names, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ether and more. All of them are cryptocurrencies that are digitally created and administered by employing state of the art…


Crypto Currency Price Prediction Using Deep Learning 

Cryptocurrencies apparently gained skyrocketing popularity in 2017 because of the exponential growth of crypto coin’s market cap for numerous consecutive months. In January 2018, the prices went above eight hundred billion dollars. Now when it comes to the price predictions, machine learning proved to be…

bitcoin, xr and ethereum coins visualized

The Future of Bitcoin, XRP & Ethereum! 

Initially thought of as a fad, cryptocurrencies are proving their power as the technology continues to mature. Among the hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market today, there are three that dominate the market by capitalization and proof of use: BTC, XRP, and ETH. These are…

The future of cryptocurrency

The Future of Cryptocurrency 

Ever since the craze in early 2017, the term “cryptocurrency” has quickly reached the mainstream sphere. People who had no clue what cryptocurrencies were are now at least aware of them. And out of all the cryptocurrencies in existence today, the one that people are…

Cryptocurrency, Investing

Beginner Crypto Portfolio 

Cryptocurrencies have become a topic of intense discussion, especially over the past few years. If you are looking to invest in crypto safely, and start only with around $1k, this should be helpful. We all heard stories of people becoming overnight millionaires, and stories of…

What is cryptocurrency

What is a cryptocurrency? 

If you are reading this post most likely you’ve heard the term Crypto or Cryptocurrency or Cryptography and probably have an idea what this is. Crypto is digital money? Yes, but you can’t compare cryptocurrency to PayPal or Skrill or funds on a debit card….